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Black and white drawing of exterior of Buggy Factory building

The Buggy Factory by Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Continuing Heritage

In the heart of Carthage, North Carolina, where history whispers through the streets, a story begins at The Buggy Factory, brought to life by the creators of Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Once a proud symbol of craftsmanship, The Buggy Factory now stands as a pillar of the community through its renovated restaurant, brewery, speakeasy bar, and outdoor performance venue.

vintage print of a group of men in front of the Buggy Factory

On the main floor is The Buggy Factory, a bustling restaurant and bar made to gather groups to foster community. The intimate speakeasy bar concept, Tyson & Jones, is just steps below. From our downstairs bar, tucked away to the side, you will be able to see a fully functioning microbrewery, an extension of the main brewery: Southern Pines Brewing Co.

The menu is curated by Executive Chef Emily Walden Harris, who brings a wealth of culinary expertise honed at renowned establishments worldwide, including the illustrious Noma and Alinea. With a career marked by a passion for excellence and a commitment to innovation, her journey has taken her from bustling kitchens in New York to intimate ones in Europe, cultivating a unique culinary perspective that is as multifaceted as it is refined.

While Harris’ culinary roots are diverse, her upbringing in Detroit links us back to the rivalry between the Tyson and Jones Buggy Company vs the Ford Motor Company that inspired The Detroit pizza that is served here. Other menu items feature elevated twists on classic favorites such as braised butterbeans and Korean fried chicken wings, paying homage to her cultural background.

While the echoes of the Tyson and Jones Buggy Company have faded, its legacy remains. Weathered brick walls silently observe the passage of time, and amidst the glow of restored fireplace mantels, the ambiance blends the old with the new.

Downstairs at Tyson & Jones, we will be serving high-end craft cocktails made by mixologist Mardy Berlinger with over a decade of experience and an education at the European Bartender School. The drinks here will be made with housemade syrups, fresh juices, and fat-washed liquors, and are named after early women in jazz from Billie Holiday to Ella Fitzgerald.

In this hidden space, we will also have a microbrewery overseen by Steve Anchor, the Head Brewer of Southern Pines Brewing Company. With a deep understanding and appreciation for craft brewing, Anchor draws inspiration from his experience, including a sabbatical at one of the most esteemed breweries in the world, Cantillon Brewery in Brussels, Belgium, where he learned about their tradition of brewing traditional lambics and blending beers with fruit. Anchor will use these experiences to bring a unique blend of tradition and creativity to the brews he creates at The Buggy Factory.

There is a full cocktail menu available upstairs, from signature drinks to canned cocktails by Southern Pines Spirits for those looking for a more casual option.

As a nod to the history of the building as a prominent manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages and buggies in the late 19th century, the signature cocktails are named after models of buggies that were produced here. For those craving wine or cider, those options are available as well. Non-alcoholic beverages are available at both locations.

vintage print of a black buggy
Vintage print of rendering of Buggy Factory building
vintage print of a black buggy

To source our ingredients, we're working with local businesses and farms. From these places, we'll procure everything from the meat topping our pizzas to the coffee for our espresso martinis.

While the echoes of the Tyson Jones Buggy Factory have faded, its legacy remains. Weathered brick walls silently observe the passage of time, and amidst the glow of restored fireplace mantels, the ambiance blends the old with the new.

Vintage photographs and local artwork adorn the walls inviting guests to immerse themselves in the history and neighborhood of Carthage. This is more than a restaurant; it is a haven where the community gathers, and the spirit of Carthage finds its voice.

Local musicians perform on the outdoor stage in the courtyard, adding vibrancy to the evening. As the sun sets, its warm glow envelops the courtyard, where laughter mixes with the sound of glasses clinking and live music.

In this place, The Buggy Factory stands as a testament to the resilience of the community, a beacon of hope for the future, and a living tribute to the enduring legacy of the Tyson Jones Buggy Factory.

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