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The Buggy Factory |

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The Buggy Factory

In the heart of Carthage, North Carolina, where history whispers through the streets, a story begins at The Tyson and Jones Buggy Company, brought to life by the creators of Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Once a proud symbol of craftsmanship, The Tyson and Jones Buggy Company now stands as a pillar of the community through its renovated restaurant, brewery, speakeasy bar, and outdoor performance venue.

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Restaurant & Bar

— Upstairs —

*We close from 3-4pm daily


Speakeasy Bar

— Downstairs —

Opening July 12

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From our downstairs bar, tucked away to the side, you will be able to see a fully functioning microbrewery, an extension of the main brewery: Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Upcoming Events

We always strive to cultivate moments of connection, deeply rooted in the community, that are inclusive, inspiring, and unforgettable. Your presence is cherished as an essential thread in our vibrant tapestry.

Our full program of events will be coming soon. For now, check out our social media for news and updates on our planned events.

Outdoor Stage

Our outdoor stage is designed to be a hub for community gatherings and live music performances, spotlighting local talent while providing a vibrant space for collective enjoyment.

Please contact us if you would like to book the venue or are interested in having your band perform on our stage. We look forward to having you.

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